About Our School

Our History

Dottke High School has been meeting the needs of students for over 37 years. In 1983, we
began serving a small group of highly at-risk students and have slowly grown to educate up
to 250 students. During this time, the staff at Dottke has been on the forefront of best
practices in education and leaders in educational change in the West Allis-West Milwaukee
School District. Over and over, students and parents have said how life-altering attending
Dottke has been for themselves or their student. Their only complaint has been that
Dottke has typically only served credit-deficient upperclassmen and they needed to wait
to enroll. Continuing with the theme of serving our community, we have heard those
complaints and are now offering enrollment options for 9th-12th grade students to
better meet those needs. 

Our Students

The perfect Dottke student is one that is looking for something different in their education.
They want to have a strong connection with their school, but haven’t been able to find that
yet. A Dottke student is passionate and opinionated in ways that differ from a traditional
student. They want to be heard, but many times haven’t found the voice to do so. They
are unique and talented in ways that are not always explored in a larger high school. If
you believe your child is a good fit for Dottke, contact us to find out more about our
application and interview process.