Student Services

Students at the James E. Dottke Project Based Learning High School receive a comprehensive menu of student services including:

  • Course scheduling and graduation planning

  • Individual Counseling

  • Career and College Readiness Counseling

  • Employability Skills Training

  • AODA and mental wellness information

  • Individual and Family Health Services Information

  • Financial aid information for 2 and 4 year colleges

  • ASVAB testing for students interested in Armed Forces Careers

  • Information and Counseling regarding the ACT test for students interested in 4 year schools and the Accuplacer for students interested in Career and Technical Education.

  • WISCAREERS employability programming

  • 28 Days to Employment career and college readiness programming

  • Individual and Family Career Pathways counseling &;

  • Comprehensive Counseling Services for all students